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Get a brand new boiler, 10 year warranty and
smart home technology, all from £25 per month.

Replace your old boiler with an ultra-efficient Vaillant from just £25 per month, fully installed with payment terms over 10 years.
You’ll also get a Hive Mini Thermostat†, 2 Hive radiator valves and a 10 year boiler warranty. All ready for the winter ahead.

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*When you sign up to our 10 year boiler leasing scheme. †Free Hive Mini Thermostat installation is subject to survey.

Benefits of upgrading
to an energy efficient boiler

  • Performance and reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Instant hot water
  • Quick installation
  • Reduced energy use
  • Control heating from your phone

Plus, you will also receive

  • 10 year warranty
  • 24/7 engineer support
  • Free removal of old boiler
  • 10 years free service care

How much will it cost?

From just £25 per month paid over 10 years you'll get a brand new energy efficient boiler with free service care, 24/7 customer support, and 10 year warranty. After the 10 years the boiler belongs to you.

You can also pay for your new boiler outright or spread the cost over up to seven years.

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Installation of your new
boiler, including the removal of
your old boiler or oil tank,
is completely free.

Make your home, a smarter home

As well as upgrading your boiler, our energy advisers can help you improve your home's
energy efficiency with our range of smart home technology.
Smart home

Efficient boilers

We’ll help source the most efficient boiler for your home, install it and maintain it.

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Smart radiator valves

Take instant control of your individual radiators to ensure each room is the temperature you need, when you need.

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Smart thermostats

Turn your heating up, down, on or off and set schedules so your heating works around your day. Manage every aspect of your heating from an app or smart speaker.

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Get complete
peace of mind

Get qualified engineers and 24/7 support, for when
things don’t go to plan. Plus free annual servicing and
parts, all included in our Homeplan options.
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