About Guernsey Energy

We’ve been providing energy for every generation for almost 200 years

From lighting the streets of St Peter Port to heating and providing hot water for homes and businesses across the islands; we’ve come a long way.

A brief history


Gas lit the streets for a few hours at the start and end of each day. Public buildings, shops and larger houses generally had gas lighting, but most working people didn’t light their homes with gas until the end of the century.


The Guernsey Gas Light Company Limited was formed. Gas was used in local homes, proving to be a safe and cost-effective fuel for heating, cooking and hot water. All local gas was generated from coal at production plants in St Peter Port.


It was decided to manufacture mains gas from Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Butane and Propane. This improved both the quality and safety of the fuel and enabled the introduction of a modern range of gas appliances. We could now supply gas throughout the island via our mains network and through bottled gas.


We became endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, a leading and trusted organisation helping people to save energy, every day. We were the first local company to be endorsed and the only independent Energy Saving Trust-trained team in Guernsey to help recommend cost-saving and environmentally friendly initiatives.


We rebranded to Guernsey Energy signifying our new direction. The change marks the beginning of our exciting journey to a Net Zero future and our role in supporting the island’s energy transition.

Our journey to net zero emissions
Our ambition is to be a Net Zero business. For a company that has supplied gas, a fossil fuel, for over 150 years in the islands this might seem something of a leap, but it is a leap that we are fully committed to make.

We’ve made being a role model for Net Zero a strategic business objective which is steering changes in how we operate and what services and products we offer. We’re at the start of our journey, but we’re moving in this new direction because we want to give our customers choice in their energy management and to support our island’s vision for its energy future.

We’re committed to achieving Net Zero, but this won’t happen overnight. Gas will continue to have a place in the energy mix as it is vital for the success of our island’s energy transition - and we plan to be a big part of Guernsey’s Net Zero future so we can continue to provide energy for every generation.