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The benefits of gas at home

Home cooking
with gas
You're in control when you cook with gas. Gas offers easy and efficient cooking with immediate, precise and evenly distributed heat so you can achieve reliable results every time.
Hot water on
Say goodbye to waiting. Get instant hot water on demand with an energy efficient gas boiler and pair it with our smart home subscription for complete control.
Heating made
Busy lives require flexibility when managing your energy at home. Our gas boilers and smart technology can help you effectively manage your heating and hot water, saving you energy and money.
Real flame gas
Heat your home with a reliable and efficient gas fire. Available in a range of modern and traditional styles, gas fires are easy to maintain and provide continuous heat for your home.

From £25 per month

Switch and get an
energy efficient boiler

Save more than just energy when you switch to gas. Get an energy efficient boiler and spread the cost over 10 years. 


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Switch to gas

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Mains gas

Mains gas is the simplest and most reliable way
to get gas into your home.


Bottled gas

Don’t miss out just because you’re not on mains.
Bottled gas is the flexible option, available anywhere on the island.



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peace of mind

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things don’t go to plan. Plus free annual servicing and
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