Mains gas is the simplest and most reliable way
to get gas into your home.

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Free connection

Connection is always free for your gas central heating. Contact us to arrange a free consultation and we’ll find the best package for you.


Clear tariff plans

We provide reliable and cost-effective energy for your home. Find out about our Super Economy 24 and standard tariffs.

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Our mains gas network

It couldn’t be easier to switch to gas. Our mains gas network is extensive across the island and connection is always free for central heating customers.

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Switch from oil to gas
and we’ll remove your old
oil tank or boiler for free.


From £25 per month

Upgrade to an
energy efficient boiler

Save more than just energy when you
upgrade your boiler and spead the cost
over 10 years.
See boiler plans


Get complete
peace of mind

Get qualified engineers and 24/7 support, for when
things don’t go to plan. Plus free annual servicing and
parts, all included in our Homeplan options.